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Horaire Zoom


1. Save Zoom to your device.

2. Familiarize yourself with how it works.

3. Gather the necessary equipment for the course.

- yoga mat

- 2 blocks

- yoga belt 1 or 2

- chair

- blanket

- bolster


1. Prices include the taxes:

1 class = $11.50

5 class = $60.00

10 class = $115.00


2. To reserve your place, transfer your payment no less than 30 minutes before the class begins  to my email:

3. Reserve your place.  Simply click on your preferred class above, enter your information and voilà. 

Before the course

1. I will send you the zoom link 30 minutes before class starts.  If your have not received your link by this time, please email right away.  Payment must be received before receiving the link.

2. Organize your space and equipment.


3. Open the Zoom link 10 minutes before class.

4. ATTENTION: late comers are not allowed.

the lesson

1. Make sure your microphone is closed and your camera is open.


2. Position your device correctly where I can see you during the lesson.


3. Take the class and enjoy the benefits of yoga.


I will be busy with Yoga Teacher Training

the following Sundays:

February 20

March 20

May 1

May 29

June 12

August 21

September 18

October 16

November 13

December 11

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