Horaire Zoom


1. Save Zoom to your device.

2. Familiarize yourself with how it works.

3. Gather the necessary equipment for the course.

- yoga mat

- 2 blocks

- yoga belt 1 or 2

- chair

- blanket

- bolster


1. To reserve your place, transfer your payment of 10$ per class for the number of classes you wish to take to my email: yogaduvillage@gmail.com.

2. Reserve your place.  Simply click on your preferred class above, enter your information and voilà. 

Before the course

1. I will send you the zoom link 30 minutes before class starts.

2. Organize your space and equipment.


3. Open the Zoom link 10 minutes before class.

4. ATTENTION: late comers are not allowed.

the lesson

1. Make sure your microphone is closed and your camera is open.


2. Position your device correctly where I can see you during the lesson.


3. Take the class and enjoy the benefits of yoga.